Comunicóloga en formación.
Me río de todo, me quejo de todo.
Con el corazón roto por decisión.
Me gusta la lluvia, el chocolate e imaginarte a mi lado.
¿Las avestruces pueden volar?


Cophine Meme : You’re the puppy

Evelyne: There’s something very edgy about their relationship. We are this team, science mega-force!


i wonder if we were ever supposed to fall this deep. so deep, that i can no longer see the stars, and yet i see them in your eyes as your touch awakens my every sense and desire


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Petition for Tatiana Maslany to star in a cheesy lesbian romcom with Zoie Palmer



petition for tatiana maslany to star in a cheesy lesbian romcom with zoie palmer

Ok this is how I see it.

Tatiana Maslany is the personal assistant for the ice queen CEO of her firm played by Evelyne Brochu. Then on one of her many errands Tatiana meets the CEO’s sister played by Zoie Palmer  without knowing who she is and falls hard for her

And then we will get Tatiana’s character trying to secretly date her CEO’s sister because otherwise she might get fired. And of course her trusty roommate played by Ksenia Solo is always there to help

There will be an intense scene where Zoie Palmer and Evelyne Brochu argue in french.

It ends with Tatiana’s character getting fired but still managing to get the sisters to reconcile with each other and this they all gather at the wedding of Tat and Zoie’s characters. And of course the wedding song will be Sandcastles in the Sand.

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Lost Girl - Orphan Black Parallels, Part 1/3

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Lost Girl - Orphan Black Parallels, Part 2/3

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Lost Girl - Orphan Black Parallels, Part 3/3

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Santana, Quinn and Brittney aka. The Unholy Trinity performing Toxic on Glee. (x)